Hosting Plans

Choose the best plan for your needs. You can upgrade anytime.

  • Torrent
  • a free subdomain
  • 1 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • No Addon Domains
  • Out of Stock ❌
  • Winter Wind
  • your own domain(s)
  • 2 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 20 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5 Addon Domains
  • Out of Stock ❌
  • Revolutionary
  • your own domain(s)
  • 5 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 10 Addon Domains
  • Free Upgrade ⬆️

You can choose from the following domains:,,, and — you being whatever you want!

The domain name must be registered by you. We do not provide domain name registrations.

Rules & Frequently Asked Questions

Things to Remember

We love to host

We do not host

Hosting any of the prohibited content will result to your account being terminated without notice.

Keep in mind


If you do not abide by the rules stated above, your account will be suspended. I always notify the account owner about the suspension before any termination is done. If I do not receive any reply within one (1) week and no action is done about the offense, then the account will be terminated. So if you feel unsure about anything, never hesitate to directly ask! I don’t bite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your nameservers?

The nameservers are and You can set your domain’s nameservers before applying to give the DNS propagation a head start!

Can I apply for a hosting plan even if I don’t have my own domain?

Absolutely! You can choose from,,, and you.haliya.netyou being whatever you want!

Why don’t you offer unlimited hosting plans?

“Unlimited hosting” is a marketing tactic. There is no such thing as unlimited space or unlimited bandwidth. Most often, there is a catch in the small print.

Got more questions? View our complete FAQ ▶

If there is still something you are not quite sure about, throw us your question here!



Leprd is a small free web hosting service launched in November 2016, specifically aimed towards hobby websites! We want to provide an online presence to people who just want to have fun. 🎉

Our server runs on pure SSDs, RAID 10, and some vitamins and minerals. Leprd is made of sparkling quality stuff!

To interested nerds, here are some server specifications + features + cool stuff:

Lastly, Leprd is maintained by me! This service is free, but if you like, you can make a donation.

Also, check out the fanlisting one of our hostees, Ainna, made for Leprd! 💖