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Last updated on January 5, 2022 (Recent changes are marked with a 🐱.)

Before Applying

Do you have an uptime guarantee?

I guarantee that your websites will be up at least 99.9% of the time. Downtime exceptions include the following: scheduled maintenance, server upgrades, hardware failures, DoS attacks, suspension or termination due to violation of the Rules, downtime caused by your software installations, or any errors from the client side.

Can you transfer my websites from my current host?

Unfortunately, I currently do not provide free transfers. You will have to do it on your own. Here is a tutorial on how to transfer cPanel accounts from one server to another. I can help with restoring the databases if you need it!

Are there any hidden fees?

None. It’s completely free — from beginning to end!

Do you put advertisements or pop-ups on your hostees’ websites?

Absolutely not! I don’t like ads on my websites, either. Moreover, paid advertisements aren’t allowed on hostees’ websites.

Do I need to link back to Leprd on my websites?

Linking back is not required. Don’t worry; you can keep your sidebars and footers clean.

Do you provide support?

As much as I can. 🙆🏻‍♀️ Just keep in mind that this is a free/hobby service, so do not expect to get fast 24/7/365 support as you would on a paid service. My time zone is UTC+8.

My time now:
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Do you approve all applications?

It depends on the information provided on the application form.

How do you keep the service free? Will you stop offering free plans at some point?

Free web hosts usually start off as free and then become paid later on — if not shut down — for understandable reasons (i.e., it’s becoming too expensive, etc.). My goal is to offer free web hosting as long as possible. To keep Leprd sustainable while still offering free services, I only accept a certain amount of hostees and host certain types of websites. I am also fairly strict with the rules to make room for new hostees.


How long after submitting an application do I get my account?

If your application is approved, you will receive your account details within 24 hours. If a day has passed and you still haven’t received your account details, it is possible that your application may have been rejected.

I received my account details. What do I do next?

Make sure to set your domain’s nameservers to Leprd’s nameservers: and Once DNS propagation is done, you can finally access your domain. The first thing you’ll see is Leprd’s default Coming Soon page for new accounts. Log in to cPanel or FTP, play around, and make some changes! ✨

What is the account activity policy?

If an account is inactive for three (3) consecutive months [meaning, it has zero (0) total account bandwidth for three (3) consecutive months], it will be suspended. The owner will be notified about the suspension. If no reply is received within the specified period (usually a week), the account will be terminated.

How many accounts can I apply for?

One should be enough. The addon domains feature should cover your multiple domains. You can have up to 6 (1 primary domain + 5 addon domains) on the Winter Wind plan, and up to 11 (1 primary domain + 10 addon domains) on the Revolutionary plan.

What if I exceed my space or monthly bandwidth?

If an account exceeds its account limits, it will automatically be suspended. If an account is suspended for exceeding its monthly bandwidth limit, it will automatically be reactivated on the first day of the next month when the bandwidth counter is reset.

What if I need more space or monthly bandwidth?

If you’re on the Torrent or Winter Wind plan, you can request an account upgrade for free. Upgrading follows this sequence: TorrentWinter WindRevolutionary. If you’re already on the Revolutionary plan but need more space or bandwidth, contact me, and we’ll sort something out.

Can I change my primary domain?

(Your primary domain is the domain you signed up with.) Sure! Just send me an email.

How do I terminate my account?

You can request account termination on the Contact page.


How do I implement HTTPS on my domain/subdomain? 🐱

AutoSSL automatically runs in the background every 24 hours to issue and renew domain-validated SSL certificates for all domains and subdomains on your account. You can also install SSL certificates manually by going to cPanel › SSL/TLS Status and clicking Run AutoSSL. For AutoSSL to be successful, the domain or subdomain must be properly pointed to our servers. To force HTTPS connections on your websites, you can go to cPanel › Domains and toggle Force HTTPS Redirect.

How can I change the PHP version?

You can change the PHP version by logging in to cPanel and clicking Select PHP Version. You can also enable PHP extensions and options on the same page.


My websites are down. What do I do?

Check first if the server is also down here. If the server is down, wait for a few minutes; it will be back up shortly. Normally, downtimes last only for a few minutes and are caused by reboots. If the issue persists, check your inbox, the status page, or our Twitter for any news. If it is only your domains/subdomains that are down, it might be a DNS misconfiguration. Check your nameservers. If you are still having trouble, contact me.

Do you have a public uptime monitoring page?

Yes, we do!

Where is the datacenter located?

The datacenter is Dataplace and is located in the Netherlands.

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